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DOMa is a new magazine for contemporary architecture at the Top of Design at the 2021 European Design Awards. Published three times a year and focusing on process rather than outcome, it presents works curated by their respective architects, from the initial idea to the final image. In the process of revealing their way of thinking and working, the invited architects share drawings, plans, photographs, collages, models and other visual material from the design process –as well as other references from the realm of the arts- that have influenced their work.

The Award Winning Design Concept at the 2021 European Design Awards
Each issue’s cover depicts the footprints of the works presented, printed with black ink on colored paper, that differs in every issue. The cover contains no text, in order to direct the reader’s attention to the works themselves; even the logo is almost invisible since it is not printed but embossed on the cover’s top left corner.
The image of the footprint is a metaphor for the magazine’s concept. Every footprint is the depiction of each building’s base, the surface that touches the ground but is rarely perceptible. Similarly, this reflects the idea behind DOMa; it highlighs the story of each project, not the moment of its completion.

On Issue 03:
- Architecten Jan De Vylder Inge Vinck inhabit the architecture of an old warehouse, as they inhabit their 'Pussemier 13 - House'.
- Lütjens Padmanabhan Architekten point out details of 'Therwill Terraced House', from drawings and models to construction photos.
- SO - IL unveil the tension between materiality and the urban fabric in 'Amant Art Campus'.
- Baukuh position their 'Poretti Pavilion' within the context of an old factory and create a 'gentle monument'.
- Diego Arraigada Arquitectos display the full geometrical exploration, in various media, for 'House in La Pedrera'.