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DOMa is a new magazine for contemporary architecture.
Published three times a year and focusing on process rather than outcome, it presents works curated by their respective architects, from the initial idea to the final image. In the process of revealing their way of thinking and working, the invited architects share drawings, plans, photographs, collages, models and other visual material from the design process – as well as other references from the realm of the arts – that have influenced their work.

On Issue 06:
- Bak Gordon Arquitectos present 'Three Houses' as a project on making
houses in three different contexts: city – suburbs – countryside.
- 6A Architects analyse 'A2_B2 Greenwich Design District' via the terms: context,
twins, commercial construction, efficiency and pop warehouses.
- KAAN Architecten unravel a twenty-yearlong process of designing and constructing the 'Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp'.
- Estudio Herreros open up their archive of 'EspacioSOLO', including files and folders from different stages of the project.
- Brandlhuber+ alter the perception of two existing towers, renamed 'San Gimignano Lichtenberg', with little effort and intervention.